Sunday, January 10, 2016

December Daily 2015--Complete!

I finally got around to finishing my December Daily album for 2015! This turned out to be my favorite December Daily yet! I used Ali Edwards' Main kit, along with One Little Bird's mini kit, and a few items from my stash. I really tried to keep it simple this year, and I mixed up the page protectors quite a bit, so it didn't feel so monotonous. Finally, I loved using more non traditional colors this year and lots and lots of confetti! So, here it completed album from start to finish!

 photo IMG_9853_zpsvvlvm7ro.jpg  photo IMG_9854_zpsdzoxulwu.jpg  photo IMG_9863_zpslm5qml1i.jpg  photo IMG_9864_zpshqwmbt21.jpg  photo IMG_9866_zpsiyeyb042.jpg  photo IMG_9868_zpsycjuoqrf.jpg  photo IMG_9870_zpsurnctnni.jpg  photo IMG_9872_zpsveuzztih.jpg  photo IMG_9874_zpsrwtglmnz.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zpskkbijacs.jpg  photo IMG_9878_zps7o0zzcio.jpg  photo IMG_9880_zpslrcscjsf.jpg  photo IMG_9882_zpsr0j8m7ai.jpg  photo IMG_9884_zpsvncld7qy.jpg  photo IMG_9886_zpsioz7asqt.jpg  photo IMG_9889_zpsn8emlwkt.jpg  photo IMG_9890_zpsu6jw9asu.jpg  photo IMG_9892_zps9yneomh2.jpg  photo IMG_9894_zpspj6cp354.jpg  photo IMG_9896_zps25xirjco.jpg  photo IMG_9898_zpscwz4bmz7.jpg  photo IMG_9900_zpsraizv0st.jpg  photo IMG_9902_zpsllbpzsnu.jpg  photo IMG_9906_zps2gov5w1t.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zpsw0wlbzqr.jpg  photo IMG_9910_zpszevltwt8.jpg  photo IMG_9912_zpskdcybp1v.jpg  photo IMG_9914_zpskhsmupnx.jpg  photo IMG_9915_zpsu0ek1w4b.jpg  photo IMG_9916_zpsuktpurlb.jpg  photo IMG_9918_zpsuidj9xde.jpg  photo IMG_9919_zpsue8ehjxz.jpg  photo IMG_9920_zpsh1tjd1ze.jpg  photo IMG_9921_zpsw8nt5nci.jpg  photo IMG_9922_zpsbuujpr9g.jpg  photo IMG_9923_zpsm9airxh6.jpg  photo IMG_9924_zpsuuomvosp.jpg  photo IMG_9925_zpsexafhbbc.jpg  photo IMG_9926_zpsofit9lmp.jpg  photo IMG_9927_zpsoe3ifdpn.jpg  photo IMG_9928_zpssjtmj6dd.jpg  photo IMG_9929_zpsqqdsi6bl.jpg  photo IMG_9930_zps6qsamplj.jpg  photo IMG_9931_zpsc6ohom2r.jpg  photo IMG_9932_zpsywx8odvd.jpg  photo IMG_9933_zpsuhg2g6d9.jpg  photo IMG_9934_zpssnwgfb9x.jpg  photo IMG_9935_zps4pblutvg.jpg  photo IMG_9938_zpstrifi9ui.jpg  photo IMG_9939_zpsomz2eglp.jpg  photo IMG_9942_zpsip4iqzhk.jpg  photo IMG_9943_zpsjchyjw4k.jpg  photo IMG_9944_zpsuy1uv5nz.jpg  photo IMG_9946_zpsptotd4qy.jpg  photo IMG_9950_zps1yhzm2ag.jpg  photo IMG_9951_zpsxksdmo7g.jpg  photo IMG_9952_zpsvuamajyb.jpg  photo IMG_9953_zpsp3mj3cy2.jpg  photo IMG_9957_zpsnr2j4lz6.jpg  photo IMG_9960_zpsrrffu3zi.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!! And Happy New Year!