Monday, December 15, 2014

December Memories Album Part 1

It's that time of year again! Can you believe it? We're nearly half way through December and Christmas is just around the corner! I've gotten a late start on my December album this year due to some other projects I'm trying to finish up, but this weekend I was able to get a good chunk done...days 1-9! I'm using the Gossamer Blue December Memories kit this year. It is a beautiful, colorful kit. So, without further delay, here they are...

IMG_9794-Edit-2 photo IMG_9794-Edit-2_zps853445c0.jpg
IMG_9792-Edit-1 photo IMG_9792-Edit-1_zps53642af1.jpg
IMG_9796-Edit-3 photo IMG_9796-Edit-3_zpscd0965f3.jpg
IMG_9798-Edit-4 photo IMG_9798-Edit-4_zps9f68c7bd.jpg
IMG_9800-Edit-5 photo IMG_9800-Edit-5_zps0effcb49.jpg
IMG_9802-Edit-6 photo IMG_9802-Edit-6_zpsca91f2ca.jpg
IMG_9804-Edit-7 photo IMG_9804-Edit-7_zps66ebd15a.jpg
IMG_9805-Edit-1 photo IMG_9805-Edit-1_zps675d3f0b.jpg
IMG_9808-Edit-2 photo IMG_9808-Edit-2_zps43fa0ffc.jpg
IMG_9810-Edit-3 photo IMG_9810-Edit-3_zpsced6899e.jpg
IMG_9812-Edit-4 photo IMG_9812-Edit-4_zps38a9a951.jpg
IMG_9814-Edit-5 photo IMG_9814-Edit-5_zps7a96cab5.jpg
IMG_9816-Edit-6 photo IMG_9816-Edit-6_zps3de774f1.jpg
IMG_9818-Edit-7 photo IMG_9818-Edit-7_zps26ea1122.jpg
IMG_9821-Edit-8 photo IMG_9821-Edit-8_zpse5225f69.jpg
IMG_9823-Edit-9 photo IMG_9823-Edit-9_zps0595715f.jpg
IMG_9827-Edit-10 photo IMG_9827-Edit-10_zps57c68e0d.jpg

Thanks for stopping in! I'm hoping to get more pages completed before January! ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gossamer Blue December Memories Blog Hop!!

 photo 356f84d4-6bf0-42cf-8377-d58b76c4cefc_zps80fb4d8a.jpg

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to Katie Ehmann's blog! I'm so excited to share with you a little glimpse into my December Memories album! The Gossamer Blue kit is incredible this year, and I couldn't wait to dig in and get started! I'm very much a scrap by the seat of my pants type person, so I don't like to do too much prep ahead of time when it comes to big projects like December albums. But, I do find that a little bit of work up front goes a long way when December starts getting busy, which it does every year! This year, I decided to create numbered 3x4 cards as the base of my album. While each card is unique, they all have the wood numbers from Gossamer Blue's Get Happy Collection. They're the perfect size and can be misted, inked or embossed for more pizazz. I love them in their natural state, though, so I just kept them as is. Here are all 25 of my number cards.

IMG_9478-Edit-1 photo IMG_9478-Edit-1_zps818bc433.jpg
IMG_9483-Edit-2 photo IMG_9483-Edit-2_zpscc872ec8.jpg
IMG_9484-Edit-3 photo IMG_9484-Edit-3_zpsddd1e538.jpg
IMG_9488-Edit-5 photo IMG_9488-Edit-5_zps360de294.jpg
IMG_9489-Edit-6 photo IMG_9489-Edit-6_zps3da60f0b.jpg

Next on the hop is the lovely Keisha Campbell! Here is the whole list of Gossamer Blue girls on the hop:

Anabelle O'Malley
Beshka Kueser
Brenda Weaver
Cindy Liebel
Diane Payne
Erin Taylor
Eyoung Lee
Heather Leopard
Jessica Lohof
Jill Cornell Jill Keller
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Katie EhmannYou are here!
Keisha Campbell
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Melanie Blackburn
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Rebecca Luminarias
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Gossamer Blue Blog

Thanks for joining us today, and Happy December!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gossamer Blue November Blog Hop

 photo inspiration-blog-hop_zps3fb39b32.jpg

Welcome to Katie Ehmann's blog! You should have hopped here from Kasia Przbyt's blog. If you get lost along the way, return to Gossamer Blue for the full hop list!

For my November mixed kits layout, I loved the blue constellation paper, and themed my page accordingly, highlighting photos of my girls' first mani/pedis in preparation for my sister's wedding.

IMG_8468-Edit-3 photo IMG_8468-Edit-3_zpsd2824ea3.jpg

I also created two layouts this month from the Gossamer Blue Collections--one with On My Desk and one with Gramercy Road.

IMG_9038-Edit-2 photo IMG_9038-Edit-2_zps00ae3bc8.jpg

For this layout, I cut one inch strips of patterned paper, and then sewed and folded 1/2 inch strips of paper atop those to create a layered, dimensional look. I framed my photo and kept the embellishments simple to highlight my patterned paper creation.

IMG_9050-Edit-1 photo IMG_9050-Edit-1_zps98b197c5.jpg

This layout highlights my friend's one year old, who I was lucky enough to photograph for his birthday. I hand cut the title and created a paper frame for his photo. A little twine and a few embellishments directly on the photo completed this simple, but sweet page.

Next on the hop is the lovely and talented Keisha Campbell!

Thanks for hopping along with us today! I hope you'll be inspired to create!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Gossamer Blue Layouts

Hi All!
Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving!?!? We're having a house full of people this year, so I'm busy menu planning and trying to figure out how I'm going to get everything done in time! It'll be worth the work, though, when our family is together to celebrate and give thanks!

The November Gossamer Blue kits are jam packed with rich colors and fun embellishments! For my Main Kit Only layout, I used this image as inspiration, and hand cut these wonky leaves as the main design element on my page.

IMG_8463-Edit-2 photo IMG_8463-Edit-2_zps4a6b4979.jpg

Thanks for stopping by today! And please come on back on November 15th for our Gossamer Blue Blog Hop! I'll be sharing a few more layouts!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gossamer Blue Blog Hop!

 photo inspiration-blog-hop_zps3fb39b32.jpg

Hey All! Welcome to the Gossamer Blue October Design Team Blog Hop! You should have arrived here from Joy Taylor's blog. If you'd like to start from the beginning, hop on back to the Gossamer Blue blog!.

This month, I loved all the little bits and pieces in the kits, and I decided to create a layout that highlighted all the little itty bitty goodies. I based my layout on an awesome Kindergarten layout by the amazing Emily Spahn.

IMG_7504-Edit-3 photo IMG_7504-Edit-3_zps1141942d.jpg

One of my favorite pieces this month were the acrylic created by One Little Bird. Check them out here! And seriously, could they be any cuter?

Next up on the hop is the gorgeous girl with the most gorgeous projects: Keisha Campbell!
Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gossamer Blue September Projects

Happy September All!! September in my house means back to school, the start of soccer season for my girls and visits to the Cider Mill! Not as great as summer, but hey, I'll take it! I had so much fun with September's Gossamer Blue kits! Here's what I made this month:

Main Kit Only
IMG_7283-Edit-4 photo IMG_7283-Edit-4_zpse8d49fb7.jpg

Mix of Scrapbook Kit, Add-Ons and Life Pages Kit
IMG_7274-Edit-2 photo IMG_7274-Edit-2_zps7098f0a7.jpg

Member Gallery Lift
IMG_7276-Edit-3 photo IMG_7276-Edit-3_zps8a4a2f8a.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Last American Crafts Projects

I'll never forget receiving an email from Paige Evans asked me to Guest Design for American Crafts! I was so honored! And then, after I emailed her my projects I received another email asking me to join the team. While I was beyond flattered, I have to admit I was also a little nervous about having enough time to commit to another team. But I'm so happy I agreed to work with such a great group of girls and an outstanding Design Team Coordinator! A few months ago, the team was asked to let Paige know if we'd like to reapply. It was a hard decision, but ultimately my busy schedule over ruled my love for AC collections, and I chose not to reapply. I'll miss working with Paige, the team, and the gorgeous AC products, but feel so lucky to have worked with them this past year! Here are my final AC projects:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gossamer Blue August Projects

Hi All!!

I'm back today (finally!) with my August projects for Gossamer Blue! These kits screamed summer, and I loved using them :) Here they are...

IMG_4820-Edit-4 photo IMG_4820-Edit-4_zps1f56e694.jpg

IMG_4818-Edit-3 photo IMG_4818-Edit-3_zpsf482a5a8.jpg

IMG_4822-Edit-5 photo IMG_4822-Edit-5_zps76144d9b.jpg

IMG_4873-Edit-6 photo IMG_4873-Edit-6_zps68bc097a.jpg

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Chance Sale!

 photo fcbbcf40-2a9f-4b20-b947-3d4a348588fc_zps9dc9d0c4.jpg

Here are my last few Studio Calico Stamps that are remaining for sale! Prices include shipping to US addresses only. Internationals will pay actual shipping. Please comment below with your Paypal and pay within 24 hours please! I also have a few Medium Priority Mail Flat rate boxes filled with Embellishments only for $60 shipped or Papers and Embellishments for $50 shipped. Please indicate in the comments which box you'd like--all embellies or paper and embellies! First come, first served!

2. $5iPhonePics 4942-1 photo iPhonePics4942-1_zps55b3d768.jpg

4. $5 iPhonePics 4940-9 photo iPhonePics4940-9_zpsc5db9976.jpg

6. $3iPhonePics 4938-7 photo iPhonePics4938-7_zps5fcb05de.jpg

7. $8iPhonePics 4937-6 photo iPhonePics4937-6_zps093ae593.jpg

9. $8iPhonePics 4935-4 photo iPhonePics4935-4_zpsa0893d83.jpg

14. $5 iPhonePics 4930-9 photo iPhonePics4930-9_zps3c491a6a.jpg

15. $5iPhonePics 4929-8 photo iPhonePics4929-8_zpsfa7c59f3.jpg

16. $5iPhonePics 4928-7 photo iPhonePics4928-7_zpsfe157a2b.jpg

24. $7iPhonePics 4920-9 photo iPhonePics4920-9_zps805d29f5.jpg

27. $8iPhonePics 4917-6 photo iPhonePics4917-6_zps6f30d509.jpg

28. $5iPhonePics 4916-5 photo iPhonePics4916-5_zps5bee50ca.jpg

29. $10iPhonePics 4915-4 photo iPhonePics4915-4_zpsc53ad8f4.jpg

32. $7iPhonePics 4912-1 photo iPhonePics4912-1_zps4ad9c245.jpg

43. $8iPhonePics 4901-10 photo iPhonePics4901-10_zps2b7fde4b.jpg

44. $8 iPhonePics 4900-9 photo iPhonePics4900-9_zps65661a89.jpg

46. $8iPhonePics 4898-7 photo iPhonePics4898-7_zps497b0bee.jpg

51. $7iPhonePics 4893-2 photo iPhonePics4893-2_zps6b6f8c46.jpg

52. $5 iPhonePics 4892-1 photo iPhonePics4892-1_zps7404359a.jpg

56. $6iPhonePics 4888-7 photo iPhonePics4888-7_zps32dcc8f3.jpg

63. $8iPhonePics 4881-10 photo iPhonePics4881-10_zps52fed348.jpg

69. $8 iPhonePics 4875-4 photo iPhonePics4875-4_zps26385760.jpg

76. $8iPhonePics 4868-7 photo iPhonePics4868-7_zps9ae5923e.jpg

77. $6iPhonePics 4867-6 photo iPhonePics4867-6_zps167167cd.jpg

78. $6iPhonePics 4866-5 photo iPhonePics4866-5_zpsa06799c2.jpg

87. $7iPhonePics 4974-7 photo iPhonePics4974-7_zpsbab6d32b.jpg

89. $7iPhonePics 4972-5 photo iPhonePics4972-5_zps94a97d5c.jpg

93. $5iPhonePics 4967-10 photo iPhonePics4967-10_zpsefd6b466.jpg

94. $6iPhonePics 4966-9 photo iPhonePics4966-9_zps5dde74c9.jpg

97. $5 iPhonePics 4963-6 photo iPhonePics4963-6_zps127d0ff2.jpg

99. $5iPhonePics 4961-4 photo iPhonePics4961-4_zpse3c708e0.jpg

103. $6iPhonePics 4957-10 photo iPhonePics4957-10_zpsff9abace.jpg

109. $6iPhonePics 4951-4 photo iPhonePics4951-4_zpsb3fcbedb.jpg