Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December Memories Album

Hi All! I'm so happy to have completed my 2014 December Memories Album! I used the Gossamer Blue December Memories kit, as well as a few items from my stash. Here it is!

IMG_2122-Edit-1 photo IMG_2122-Edit-1_zps04562439.jpg
IMG_2123-Edit-2 photo IMG_2123-Edit-2_zpsc9b47803.jpg
IMG_2124-Edit-3 photo IMG_2124-Edit-3_zps90d2bbea.jpg
IMG_2126-Edit-4 photo IMG_2126-Edit-4_zps26c8a04d.jpg
IMG_2129-Edit-5 photo IMG_2129-Edit-5_zps799a2e92.jpg
IMG_2131-Edit-6 photo IMG_2131-Edit-6_zps7d5ae8c4.jpg
IMG_2133-Edit-7 photo IMG_2133-Edit-7_zps6894a72b.jpg
IMG_2136-Edit-8 photo IMG_2136-Edit-8_zpsf15f69ff.jpg
IMG_2138-Edit-9 photo IMG_2138-Edit-9_zps47d1b745.jpg
IMG_2140-Edit-10 photo IMG_2140-Edit-10_zps6687aa98.jpg
IMG_2142-Edit-1 photo IMG_2142-Edit-1_zps500491f4.jpg
IMG_2143-Edit-2 photo IMG_2143-Edit-2_zpsb879c52f.jpg
IMG_2145-Edit-3 photo IMG_2145-Edit-3_zpsa28f0c4d.jpg
IMG_2150-Edit-4 photo IMG_2150-Edit-4_zps705dbe82.jpg
IMG_2153-Edit-5 photo IMG_2153-Edit-5_zps9af846e1.jpg
IMG_2159-Edit-6 photo IMG_2159-Edit-6_zpsd03bbf86.jpg
IMG_2161-Edit-7 photo IMG_2161-Edit-7_zps3991643e.jpg
IMG_2163-Edit-8 photo IMG_2163-Edit-8_zps5968f6c9.jpg
IMG_2164-Edit-9 photo IMG_2164-Edit-9_zps40f4e31a.jpg
IMG_2166-Edit-10 photo IMG_2166-Edit-10_zpse315e777.jpg
IMG_2169-Edit-1 photo IMG_2169-Edit-1_zpsbbfb2b09.jpg
IMG_2172-Edit-2 photo IMG_2172-Edit-2_zpseea344d9.jpg
IMG_2174-Edit-3 photo IMG_2174-Edit-3_zpsebed5f30.jpg
IMG_2177-Edit-4 photo IMG_2177-Edit-4_zpsf0bfd23e.jpg
IMG_2179-Edit-5 photo IMG_2179-Edit-5_zpsbcb098d3.jpg
IMG_2180-Edit-6 photo IMG_2180-Edit-6_zps9e1660b2.jpg
IMG_2183-Edit-7 photo IMG_2183-Edit-7_zpse0c61a0c.jpg
IMG_2184-Edit-8 photo IMG_2184-Edit-8_zps1fb09d37.jpg
IMG_2188-Edit-9 photo IMG_2188-Edit-9_zpsdd00c245.jpg
IMG_2190-Edit-10 photo IMG_2190-Edit-10_zpsd9673cc5.jpg
IMG_2192-Edit-1 photo IMG_2192-Edit-1_zps64c9a552.jpg
IMG_2193-Edit-2 photo IMG_2193-Edit-2_zps2d0f7da8.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gossamer Blue January Blog Hop!!

 photo inspiration-blog-hop_zps3fb39b32.jpg

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another month of the Gossamer Blue Design Team Blog Hop!! You should have arrived here from the lovely, talented Joy Taylor's blog. This month the kits were jam packed with gorgeous love themed goodies, including a stencil by Dear Lizzy. Now, I am not a stamper, nor am I a painter, but when I saw that stencil, I decided to try my hand at water color painting. I just placed the stencil on a sheet of white cardstock and painted away! You can still get the stencil in Scrapbook Add-On #2, found right here!Here's how my layout turned out:

IMG_9891-Edit-3 photo IMG_9891-Edit-3_zpsdd056b1f.jpg

I'm thinking I might just pull out my paints a little more often...we'll see! Here's the rest of the blog hop list:
Anabelle O'Malley
Brenda Weaver
Danielle Flanders
Diane Payne
Emily Spahn
Erin Taylor
Eunyoung Lee
Heather Leopard
Jessica Lohof
Jill Keller
Joy Taylor
Katie Ehmann
Laura Rahel Crosby
Maria Lacuesta
Melanie Blackburn
Michelle Wooderson
Michiko Kato
Rebecca Luminarias
Sabrina Alery
Tara Anderson
Vanessa Perry
Happy Hopping!! If you get lost along the way, return to the Gossamer Blue blog!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Gossamer Blue Projects!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I'm back today with my recent projects with the Gossamer Blue kits! I loved December and January's kits and wish that I had more time to create with them over the busy holiday season! Now that winter is upon us, I'm hoping for more time in my craft room (and time to finish up my December Memories album!!)

January Kits
IMG_9893-Edit-1 photo IMG_9893-Edit-1_zpsfb50816a.jpg

IMG_9884-Edit-2 photo IMG_9884-Edit-2_zpsaed76ee6.jpg

December Kits
IMG_9528-Edit-4 photo IMG_9528-Edit-4_zpsdb1bd7c4.jpg

IMG_9520-Edit-3 photo IMG_9520-Edit-3_zps5abe89ca.jpg

IMG_9517-Edit-2 photo IMG_9517-Edit-2_zps808eb749.jpg

IMG_9513-Edit-1 photo IMG_9513-Edit-1_zps48587663.jpg

Here's to a wonderful 2015!

Last Crate Paper Project

Happy Holidays Everyone!! I'm back today with my very last project for Crate Paper! It has been a great two years working with Crate, but ultimately I was finding that I had less and less time to devote to Design Teams so I decided not to reapply to Crate for 2015. Here is my final project, for the Holiday DIY month-long extravaganza over on the Crate blog.

IMG_9508-Edit-7 photo IMG_9508-Edit-7_zps672585d3.jpg
IMG_9502-Edit-6 photo IMG_9502-Edit-6_zpsc21914fb.jpg
IMG_9501-Edit-5 photo IMG_9501-Edit-5_zps74af85da.jpg
IMG_9499-Edit-4 photo IMG_9499-Edit-4_zpsb8fdffd6.jpg
IMG_9498-Edit-3 photo IMG_9498-Edit-3_zpsd6285ded.jpg

For more info on how I created this winter banner, check out this post.