Monday, July 23, 2012

Write.Click.Scrapbook Sneak!

Hey All! Today I have my very first sneak ever for the design team gallery! Rock the house, cause it's 100 degrees here today and it's way too hot to rock anywhere else!


This layout, as well as the other awesome layouts from the WCS team, will go live on August 1st. So be there or be square, and prepare to be inspired to create your own layout loveliness!

Friday, July 20, 2012


We moved to our current neighborhood almost 4 years ago. We left a town that I loved. And we left our friends.

The first few years we lived here were rough. We didn't know anyone and since I work full time I didn't meet anyone in our hood. For like 2 years. But then we went to a neighborhood party. And we met one family. And then we met another, and another. And now, as I sit here typing, I am surrounded by three close neighborhood friends and our collective 12 kids at our multi-family garage sale. And I can finally say I am happy with where I live. Because of friends. And I am so happy that my girls will grow up knowing what it is like to live in a hood surrounded by wicked awesome peeps.

My girls with some of our neighbor pals.


We have been continuing our summer of fun! I can't wait till I win the lotto so I can stay home with them all the time. And then "lunch" and "yoga" while they are at school. One can dream, right? ;)




That's all for now folks! Hold your friends close and keep buying those lotto tickets!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summery Goodness

Guess what?? I love summer. You are shocked, aren't you? Your mouth is hanging open. Your eyes are wide. Your head is spinning with wonder at that sudden revelation. Right? In honor of my announcement of my fondness for all things Memorial through Labor Day, I bring you....summery layout goodness!






Luckily, I found out this week that all will not be lost after Labor Day, as I will have at least one thing to look forward to in December (other than Christmas, of course!). And you, dear readers, will have to wait till December for that excitement :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Dark Side

So we actually went to the Dark Side on our last day in Florida, but since I never scrap in any sort of chronological order I decided to do some layouts from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let me tell you, WWoHP rocked. Like, totally rocked.I had heard from many people that it was incredibly well done, but it really blew all my expectations out of the water. We got there nearly an hour before the park opened to non-Universal resort guests and waited anxiously for the gates to open. When they did, we rushed through a whole lotta other crap, turned the corner, and walked right into a snow-covered Hogsmead. So cool. However, being the interwebs researcher that I am, I knew that we had no time to stop and smell the Butterbeer. We marched right to Hogwarts and got in line for The Forbidden Journey. The line was so short that we actually had people passing us while we stopped and snapped photos of Dumbledore's office, Ron, Hermione and Harry holograms, and the sorting hat. Luckily Universal has taken some pointers from Disney and has a child-swap room. When we got to the ride, I stayed in a little holding room with the girls while my mom and sister rode. When they were done, they stayed with the littles while I rode. It was a ride like nothing I had ever experienced--it really felt like I was flying on a broomstick, just behind Harry, playing Quidditch and facing the Dementors. After the FJ, we went and stood in line to enter Olivander's Wand Shop. I knew that the line would be long, and sure enough we waited about 45 minutes. I also knew that someone among the 20 or so people in the wand shop would be chosen to participate in the show and receive a wand. I was so hoping that it would be me, my mom, my sister or my girls that I plastered a goofy grin on my face and looked straight at the shop owner. Well apparently my goofy grin looked more on the slightly psychotic end of the spectrum because no one in my party was chosen, but the two girls standing right next to us were. Crud. Next time I'll look all tragic and bored like they looked. After the wand shop, we ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks, had Butterbeer and went to all the shops. It was perfect and I can't wait to go back. So without further ado, here are a few WWoHP (aka The Dark Side for Disney freaks like me) layouts for your viewing pleasure!





And some photos...
















And now, just to prove how random my scrapbookery is, I present two more layouts that have nothing to do with Harry Potter.


This is a scraplift from the awesome ShannaNoel at Studio Calico. You can find her way better version of this layout Here

TTFN Lovelies!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Exciting News!!! And More Disney ;)

So on Saturday morning I woke up and like every morning, reached immediately for my phone or ipad which sleep right next to me on my nightstand. I started surfing through my normal sites and got to I saw that they posted the winner of the WCS talent search, super talented Jennifer Larson. As I scrolled down to take a look at her awesome layout, I caught a glimpse of another name--mine! Um, holy cannoli. I shot up from my lounging pose and yelled at sleeping Husband that I had won. I'm pretty sure he thought I won the lotto, but let me tell you that being chosen for the team at WCS is akin to lotto winning in my book! I am so excited and honored to be chosen as a part of such a talented group of ladies! A good friend of mine, upon reading the news on my facebook status, congratulated me and wrote that my dream is coming true. She's so right!

And what do you think I did upon reading the news of my WCS position? Yes, that's right dear readers, I whipped up some layout goodness!

The girls had the best time meeting Merida, the new princess from Brave. They got to practice archery and meet her bear cubs. Merida was awesome!

The pool at our hotel was just as much fun as the parks!

The girls had a blast on the Great Goofini ride! It was Maya's first ever roller coaster and she loved it!

I stayed up super late last night waiting for the Studio Calico Member Picks video, but I fell asleep before it was posted. I had a dream that they chose one of my layouts again so I was certain this morning that because I dreamt it, it wasn't going to happen (gotta love that magical thinking!). So imagine my surprise when I opened the video and one of my layouts was first up! Yay!

This one was for a Design Team scraplift challenge, and I chose to lift one of my favorite scrapbook idols, Jen Jockisch. It is so exciting to see my layouts on that video!

Well lovlies, it has been an amazing week so far, and I'm excited to see what the next few days will bring!