Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Fat Disney Post

Here it is! As promised--a Big Fat Disney post. Since I'm not even through day two of our trip in the photo editing department, I'm sure this will be the first of a few Disney posts. So if you don't like Disney, be forewarned...

We literally stepped into the Magic Kindgom on day one just in time for the parade to start. We got an awesome spot right on the curb. Here's my first parade layout. Cindy smiled and posed just for me! Gotta love that Disney magic!

After the parade, we got right into Rapunzel's line, which was surprisingly super short. Mind you, this was a Saturday in June and the weather was awesome. I was shocked at how empty the park was!

The rest of the day was filled with short lines and lots of rides. It ended with dinner in Cinderella's Castle. What could be better? Here are my other day one layouts, and a couple day two layouts, just cause I love the pics and can't possibly be chronological in my scrapbookery!!

Notice the bird on Walt's head??

Maya on the carousel.

More to come, my lucky readers!! ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012

These Girls

So have you sensed a theme to my blog lately?? Can you tell that I love summer? Like, totally love it? The best part about summer is the lucky fact that I get to spend it with my girls.

Like seriously, who wouldn't want to spend day in, day out with these two?

I love that they are still little, that Lily says "covered" instead of "cupboard" and that Maya breaks into song spontaneously like her little life is an episode of Glee. Right now, they are pretty much best friends (most of the time) and I really hope that once they get through the turbulence of adolescence that they stay close forever.

Lily taught herself how to jump rope and she is super proud!

Maya was equally proud when she learned how to jump last summer!

We're just back from a wicked awesome Disney trip, so look for an upcoming Big Fat Disney Post filled with a million Disney scrapbooking layouts. I may or may not have taken nearly 2000 photos. Just sayin'.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So even though I still have two weeks left of school, I feel like summer is beginning to kick into full swing. This weekend I took the girls to what has to be one of the ultimate summer events--the hometown carnival. Now, if you were a follower of my previous blog, you know how I feel about carnivals, however that was back when I was a first time mama, and since then I've chilled out quite a bit. Thank goodness for that! In fact, I've chilled out so much that I took the girls all by myself. And went on the Ferris Wheel. In what seemed like gale force winds. And I didn't even panic when I heard the creaking of our little gondola when we were stopped at the very tippy top. Well, okay, I didn't panic much.




I liked this view much better...from the ground.

The girls had a blast on the Merry-go-Round, train, and slide.



But they especially loved the ice cream and funnel cake that melted all over the place and blew us away in a cloud of powdered sugar.


My favorite part of the carnival? Taking pictures of course! You really can't top the colors and atmosphere of a carnival.

IMG_0318-1 IMG_0324-2 IMG_0326-3

And when the sky cooperates and puts on a show of equal awesomness?? Well, that just takes the funnel cake.




On that note, I have what might be one of my new favorite summer layouts to share. There is just something about balloons that screams summer, and I was able to capture a few shots of the girls with their free Nordstrom shoe department lovelies this afternoon.


Supplies include Crate Paper Pretty Party and The Pieces of Me Kit by the ever-awesome Maggie Holmes. I love the way the vintage feel of kit coordinates with the vintage style photo. Now that's what I call Summer Lovin'!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shining Moments

You know that saying "Follow your bliss"? Good in theory, right? Not good if doing so means giving up a nice job with nice vacation and benefits and living in relative destitute-ness because you want to be a professional scrapbooker. In the meantime, however, every month I count down the days to the Member Picks video on Studio Calico's website. And for the past three months one of my little old layouts has been one of just 20 chosen from hundreds to be featured in the member picks video. Every time I've watched those videos and see one of my layouts you'd think I'd won the lotto I get so excited. Too bad I don't actually win the lotto cause then I could Follow my Bliss. It'd be way awesome. For serious.

Here's the link for this month's video Studio Calico Member Picks May.

And here's the April Member Picks

And here's the March Member Picks

I am so flippin' honored to be featured in these videos I can't even stand it. I called Husband and blubbered to him about it for like an hour today.

Okay, enough babbling...I've been working away in my somewhat new and improved studio. I'm still using a folding table but at least the futon is out of there. I'm hoping that we get the desk in there this weekend! I just need to light a fire under husband's behind. But that's another story ;) Here are my latest layouts:







And, just for the record, I now have ten days left of school. Wooo-flippin-hoo!!