Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project Life Weeks 13-16

Mmmkay, have I mentioned how much I love Project Life? I used to take a ton of photos of little things and collect all sorts of memorabilia that would get shoved in a box or drawer somewhere, especially when I went on trips. This time, when Husband and I took a trip to Italy for his big Four-Oh, I actually used the little bits and pieces and everyday detail photos. Pretty awesome! Plus, I have a fairly detailed account of our Italian adventures documented in the journaling. So, are you ready for Weeks 13-16, including a double dose of Italy-trip fun? Here ya go!

IMG_1787-Edit-5 photo IMG_1787-Edit-5_zps9a0c3eff.jpg

IMG_1785-Edit-4 photo IMG_1785-Edit-4_zps3205e7af.jpg

IMG_1783-Edit-3 photo IMG_1783-Edit-3_zpse4667147.jpg

IMG_1781-Edit-2 photo IMG_1781-Edit-2_zps4a5427dd.jpg

IMG_1778-Edit-1 photo IMG_1778-Edit-1_zps0be4209c.jpg

It was a big month! Easter, Italy trip, and Husband's 40th, wow! That's it for now, friends! I'll be back later this week with a special project that I made with Crate Paper's awesomely vintage DIY Shop line :)

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  1. i LOVE your spreads!! so much colors and life, gorgeous!
    Hope you loved Italy, i went to Roma once and it was crazy beautiful!