Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Daily Part 3

Hi Everyone! I'm loving my December Daily this year!! The kits are perfect and I've paired down the amount of supplies I'm using which leads to quicker, more uniform pages.I'm also focusing on each numbered page being "an event" rather than the date. My first few pages actually happened in November, and a few other pages actually happened on the same day, even though I split them up into different numbers. It has really taken the stress off of trying to match the numbers to the days things actually occurred, and has allowed me to add in lots more pictures that I want in my album. Now I just need to punch more confetti ;)

 photo IMG_8968_zps7bomcjx5.jpg

 photo IMG_8971_zpsvfi9lyzo.jpg

 photo IMG_8972_zpssckqpnkw.jpg

 photo IMG_8973_zpsfsyrdcnc.jpg

 photo IMG_8975_zps3xisistx.jpg

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