Sunday, May 19, 2013

Heritage Album

A few weeks ago my vintage book heritage album was featured on the Crate Paper blog. I had so much fun with this project, and love the idea that my girls will keep this album for years to come, and be able to put faces to stories of their family's heritage.

IMG_0282-Edit-1 photo IMG_0282-Edit-1_zps8ba6d1c1.jpg

IMG_0286-Edit-2 photo IMG_0286-Edit-2_zpsd40b7ec3.jpg

IMG_0290-Edit-3 photo IMG_0290-Edit-3_zpsb3412f76.jpg

IMG_0295-Edit-4 photo IMG_0295-Edit-4_zps86de99c9.jpg

IMG_0326-Edit-6 photo IMG_0326-Edit-6_zps9bd6c5b6.jpg

IMG_0329-Edit-7 photo IMG_0329-Edit-7_zps7c2e23d2.jpg

IMG_0330-Edit-8 photo IMG_0330-Edit-8_zps48efea9a.jpg

IMG_0333-Edit-9 photo IMG_0333-Edit-9_zpsd4931e1b.jpg

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