Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh Baby!

My awesome neighbor just had her third baby, and I was so lucky that she asked me to take her daughter's newborn photos. Can I just say she is so little and so sweet! And she was an absolute angel and slept soundly through the whole shoot! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_5894-Edit-1 photo IMG_5894-Edit-1_zps6a328900.jpg

IMG_5917-Edit-2 photo IMG_5917-Edit-2_zps9b12501b.jpg

IMG_5950-Edit-3 photo IMG_5950-Edit-3_zps812604c6.jpg

IMG_5985-Edit-4 photo IMG_5985-Edit-4_zps25de027a.jpg

IMG_6071-Edit-5 photo IMG_6071-Edit-5_zps87785802.jpg

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! And be sure to stay tuned for some special extra exciting scrappy goodness news coming in July!!

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