Monday, December 15, 2014

December Memories Album Part 1

It's that time of year again! Can you believe it? We're nearly half way through December and Christmas is just around the corner! I've gotten a late start on my December album this year due to some other projects I'm trying to finish up, but this weekend I was able to get a good chunk done...days 1-9! I'm using the Gossamer Blue December Memories kit this year. It is a beautiful, colorful kit. So, without further delay, here they are...

IMG_9794-Edit-2 photo IMG_9794-Edit-2_zps853445c0.jpg
IMG_9792-Edit-1 photo IMG_9792-Edit-1_zps53642af1.jpg
IMG_9796-Edit-3 photo IMG_9796-Edit-3_zpscd0965f3.jpg
IMG_9798-Edit-4 photo IMG_9798-Edit-4_zps9f68c7bd.jpg
IMG_9800-Edit-5 photo IMG_9800-Edit-5_zps0effcb49.jpg
IMG_9802-Edit-6 photo IMG_9802-Edit-6_zpsca91f2ca.jpg
IMG_9804-Edit-7 photo IMG_9804-Edit-7_zps66ebd15a.jpg
IMG_9805-Edit-1 photo IMG_9805-Edit-1_zps675d3f0b.jpg
IMG_9808-Edit-2 photo IMG_9808-Edit-2_zps43fa0ffc.jpg
IMG_9810-Edit-3 photo IMG_9810-Edit-3_zpsced6899e.jpg
IMG_9812-Edit-4 photo IMG_9812-Edit-4_zps38a9a951.jpg
IMG_9814-Edit-5 photo IMG_9814-Edit-5_zps7a96cab5.jpg
IMG_9816-Edit-6 photo IMG_9816-Edit-6_zps3de774f1.jpg
IMG_9818-Edit-7 photo IMG_9818-Edit-7_zps26ea1122.jpg
IMG_9821-Edit-8 photo IMG_9821-Edit-8_zpse5225f69.jpg
IMG_9823-Edit-9 photo IMG_9823-Edit-9_zps0595715f.jpg
IMG_9827-Edit-10 photo IMG_9827-Edit-10_zps57c68e0d.jpg

Thanks for stopping in! I'm hoping to get more pages completed before January! ;)