Friday, June 1, 2012

Shining Moments

You know that saying "Follow your bliss"? Good in theory, right? Not good if doing so means giving up a nice job with nice vacation and benefits and living in relative destitute-ness because you want to be a professional scrapbooker. In the meantime, however, every month I count down the days to the Member Picks video on Studio Calico's website. And for the past three months one of my little old layouts has been one of just 20 chosen from hundreds to be featured in the member picks video. Every time I've watched those videos and see one of my layouts you'd think I'd won the lotto I get so excited. Too bad I don't actually win the lotto cause then I could Follow my Bliss. It'd be way awesome. For serious.

Here's the link for this month's video Studio Calico Member Picks May.

And here's the April Member Picks

And here's the March Member Picks

I am so flippin' honored to be featured in these videos I can't even stand it. I called Husband and blubbered to him about it for like an hour today.

Okay, enough babbling...I've been working away in my somewhat new and improved studio. I'm still using a folding table but at least the futon is out of there. I'm hoping that we get the desk in there this weekend! I just need to light a fire under husband's behind. But that's another story ;) Here are my latest layouts:







And, just for the record, I now have ten days left of school. Wooo-flippin-hoo!!

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