Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun Fall Photos (How's That for Alliteration?)

I've been taking an online photography class taught by the amazing Maggie Holmes and I can't believe how much I've learned in just a few weeks. Especially about the powerhouse behemoth that is Adobe Photoshop CS6. I'm still far from where I'd like to be in the editing department, but I'm vastly better that I was! My most recent shoot was yesterday with my favorite subjects--my girls. And guess what? I learned that I can bribe Maya to sit still and smile for the camera. I took these photos in our yard, at a local cider mill, and at our neighborhood park.

IMG_1672 copy-1

IMG_1702 copy-5

IMG_1677 copy-4

IMG_1728 copy-7

IMG_1706 copy-6

IMG_1659 copy-2

IMG_1811 copy-3

IMG_1823 copy-4

IMG_1807 copy-2

IMG_1914 copy-9

IMG_1897 copy-7

IMG_2038 copy-2

IMG_2044 copy-4

IMG_1832 copy-5

IMG_1962 copy-2

Besides shooting photos and spending lots of time with good old CS6, I've also been working on some super secret scrappy projects. I can't wait to share them (and some news!) with you all! Thanks for stopping by lovlies!


  1. Supercute! Can't wait to see your layouts with these;-)

  2. These are so gorgeous! Lovely photos and beautiful little girls!