Monday, February 10, 2014

Love This with Crate Paper

Happy February All! This week on the Crate Paper blog we are featuring projects dedicated to things that we love--fitting, right, since Friday is Valentine's Day!? In honor of this lovely theme, I created two different layouts. For some tips and "how-to", visit the Crate blog right here!

IMG_7052-Edit-1 photo IMG_7052-Edit-1_zpsf7f7d8f6.jpg
IMG_7054-Edit-2 photo IMG_7054-Edit-2_zpsb526a854.jpg
IMG_7055-Edit-3 photo IMG_7055-Edit-3_zps7a4bd737.jpg
IMG_7056-Edit-4 photo IMG_7056-Edit-4_zps3148b4b5.jpg
IMG_7057-Edit-5 photo IMG_7057-Edit-5_zpse783a5dd.jpg
IMG_7059-Edit-6 photo IMG_7059-Edit-6_zps4740c743.jpg
IMG_7060-Edit-7 photo IMG_7060-Edit-7_zpsa93d2650.jpg
IMG_7061-Edit-8 photo IMG_7061-Edit-8_zps1d5ec9f7.jpg
IMG_7062-Edit-9 photo IMG_7062-Edit-9_zps50cb4e95.jpg

Thanks for stopping by today friends!

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  1. I love these layouts! It inspires me to break out the heart papers :)